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Status: Looking for financing

Psychological Thriller |  ~15min

 A stationery shop employee dreams of being a video game artist. But things get more complicated when he finds himself trapped in terrifying incidents that haunt him. 

  Then, he needs to count on his best friend to succeed in the mission to escape a killer and, finally, understand that the real battle is against his insecurities. 

Status: Looking for financing

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Drama  |  ~10min

  Theo turns 24, his first birthday without his Mother. Along with countless trips to the city subway, the young musician embarks on a journey of self-discovery.
  He looks for ways to feel less lonely, but superficial relationships no longer make sense, and the void increases when listening to the subway announcements.
   Theo finds a way to say everything he didn’t say: face the unplayed chords of lingering grief. 

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